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I DO accept guest posts but providing they fall within these guidelines.

Let me tell you a touch information before I provide you with the rules for accepting guest posts to assist you out. Following these directions will provide you with a stronger chance of getting your guest post accepted.

If you would like to own a guest post accepted on any website, including this one, please read the rules. the web site owner can always tell whether you probably did or not.

If you don’t read the guest post guidelines and follow then your guest post won’t be accepted.

This is a family-friendly finically blog. So, if your guest post idea doesn’t have anything to try and do with family-friendly money ideas…you don’t seem to be within the right place and your guest post won’t be accepted.

You have to come back up together with your own idea for a guest post. i believe it’s interesting that folks ask a few guest post without a concept. they really expect me to return up with an inspiration for them to write down which tells me they need no idea how this stuff work.

When you come up with a concept to guest post attempt to consider why this might be an honest idea on behalf of me. Why would i would like to publish your idea? Give me reasons that my audience would appreciate your guest post.

Tell me about your idea. after you contact me act and tell me the thought you have got for your guest post. My inbox is full so move and tell me rather than looking forward to a response first. Use your best language skills. i’m a former blogger and freelance so if your sentences don’t be I’m not visiting accept your guest post for my blog. At the identical time don’t be afraid! you are doing not need to be a native English speaker.

Spell check. Seriously. Everyone makes mistakes and spell check is awesome.

Read the directions. I can tell if you don’t. Accepting a guest post is absolutely me doing a favor for you so isn’t the smallest amount you’ll be able to do is to read the directions?

Still fascinated by submitting a guest post to moneyhowexpert? Awesome! i like great guest posts!

Guidelines as followed

If you have got read the foundations on becoming a Guest Blogger you’re able to hear the the way to submit.

Email your post to

Use this subject line for the e-mail – GUEST BLOGGER – I read the directions.

Send the guest post.

Yes, I mean go head and send me the guest post you’re submitting. Don’t write and ask first. Just do it.


If you haven’t had a response in an exceedingly week, please send a reminder note.


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