How to make money on Instagram theme pages

Suppose you could cause the time you spend on Instagram productive. Rather than spending hours consistently senselessly looking over, you could bring in money out of your account. It sounds enticing, I know. You have presumably known about influencers, these individuals with a vast number of followers that are enjoying a fantastic existence, getting free stuff from brands, eating out in the best restaurants in return for an Instagram story, travelling all around the world.

Heaps of masters online will disclose to you that it’s simple and that you can likewise do it. Getting to this degree of acclaim on Instagram is an appropriate regular work, and the vast majority are not prepared to do the penances to get to this lifestyle.  

We’re not talking here regarding a similar degree of income, yet with a smidgen of work, you could construct a genuine empire through this strategy.

So what is this strategy? Instagram theme pages.

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What’s an Instagram Theme Page means?

Theme pages, or Niche pages, are trendy on Instagram. They post reliably, have exceptionally high engagement, and for the most part, have thousands and, some of the time, a massive number of followers. You may be following a couple of niche pages without acknowledging it.

These pages don’t make their content. They minister popular content in a specific niche on their account while offering credit to the first creator. These accounts are a broad assortment of popular content on a particular niche. Since these accounts are reposting viral content, their posts ordinarily drive extensive traffic and produce significant quantities of likes or video views.

The high engagement assists with regularly having the niche accounts highlighted on the investigate page, which builds the engagement considerably more, driving many individuals daily on such profiles.  

Since they have bunches of followers and brilliant engagement, these accounts are regularly targeted by brands or individuals attempting to grow their funds in a specific niche.  These individuals would pay an expense to be highlighted on a niche page.

When the theme account gets adequately large or hits a level, the owner will, for the most part, sell it and buy another page. The buying and reselling part of the business ordinarily permits theme page owners to scale their Instagram business. When you own a couple of pages in various niches, the miniature income can amount to massive measures of money.

It’s a popular business model as it doesn’t need any investment to get started. It doesn’t need any content creation knowledge. It can get very beneficial if the account gets sufficiently large.

How to create create a successful Instagram Theme Page?

The initial step is to track down the right niche. You have to choose a niche that has a high-growth chance. However, it might be ideal on the off chance that you likewise targeted a specific sub-niche to ensure that it’s not as saturated. That implies you need to pick a sufficiently standard niche and afterward go for a more particular place in that usual niche. For example, Photography could be your legal niche, and Film Photography or US Cityscapes could be your sub-niche.

When in doubt, attempt to avoid the particular niches or appear to have no competition. On the off chance that you go overly restricted, it won’t be easy to grow your account. If you pick a niche that seems to have no competition, it may mean the niche is tiny, or there’s no interest in that point on Instagram.

When you picked your niche, you need to think of a name. Don’t overthink it; attempt to make it understandable and make it apparent what your niche is. How about we take the film photography niche; for example, film shots captured on film, filmphotosonly, thefilmphotographyproject could all be respectable Instagram handles.  

Concerning bio, similar guidelines as a standard account apply. It would help clarify what you would post, for whom and determine that you take demands through DM. This will tell individuals that they can advertise on your account.

How to grow Your Instagram Theme Page

Since you realize your niche and discover viral content, you need a strategy to grow your account rapidly.

You will use content that has now gone viral on social media, thus creating a perspective. Your content can easily reach people. However, envisioning the content will be sufficient to get you a massive number of followers in only a couple of days isn’t right.

It would help if you directed people to your page. The ideal way is to draw in with individuals intrigued by your niche. Loads of niche page owners depend on bots to follow and unfollow accounts naturally. While I don’t prescribe utilizing bots to computerize your Instagram account, it’s dangerous to use them on a niche page as your brand isn’t related to the report.  Since you are reposting the content. If your account is suspended or deleted, there is no fear of losing your hard work.

If you don’t care for utilizing a bot to robotize your account, you can do it the hard way. Kindly require a couple of moments daily to follow a couple of versions, similar to their posts, comments on a portion of their content. The more you act like a real account, the better it will be.

Strategy to Find Good Content

You can utilize whatever tool you need to discover content in your niche. The clearest one is to peruse the popular hashtags pertinent to your niche. From that point, distinguish content that has performed well, save the content, and repost it on your account without forgetting to refer to the first creator of the photograph or video.  

It very well may be enticing to repost the content that played out awesome; however, remember that a ton of other niche accounts are doing likewise as you, so you might need to avoid the content that has been shared over and over again for quite a long time.  Attempt to discover later range or that hasn’t been shared a great deal by different accounts.


These pages can make from two or three hundred to a couple a great many dollars each month. Everything relies upon the niche and the size of your account. While they require an ideal opportunity to keep up with and grow, they are usually direct to oversee. You don’t need to spend much time on content creation, which is the additional tedious piece of each Instagram strategy.  

Drawing in with others is the ideal approach to get started and grow your account to two or three thousand followers. Be that as it may, when your account gets sufficiently large and produces adequate engagement, you might need to change to an alternate growth strategy, for example, improving your hashtags, doing associations with other niche accounts, etc.

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