How To make Money On Only Fans

OnlyFans is a social media website where creators charge a monthly fee for “fans” to follow their account. After paying your subscription fee, users gain access to your feed where they can view your exclusive content. Creators keep 80% of the money generated by their account, whilst the remaining 20% goes to OnlyFans.

OnlyFans is extremely popular within the adult industry because of it’s unrestricted content policy, however it also hosts successful content creators from other genres like good shape and modelling.

Note: To earn money on OnlyFans you wish to be a minimum of 18 years old.

Post to your feed

Post a standing update message

Attach media

Post a photograph, multiple photos and videos to your feed.

Record your voice

Record your voice and upload it as an audio track.

Add a poll

Choose a duration for your poll, add your question, add your answers and post it to your feed. Your fans can then vote by clicking on one among the answers available.

Choose an expiration period for your post

Choose how long you would like your post to seem on your feed before being deleted automatically.

Schedule posts

Pick a time and date to automatically publish a post you’ve got created.

Add a price to your post

To price lock a post, your OnlyFans susbcription price should be set to “Free”. you’ll then price lock your post by adding a price.

You can only price lock posts with media like photos, audio or videos. Once on your feed, fans can “unlock” the post by paying the worth you set.

To price lock a post on OnlyFans, click on the create post button, add your media, then click on the dollar tag icon, set your price and post it to your timeline.

Important Note: Some OnlyFans users can’t see the “Post Price” button when creating a post. this is often possibly because your OnlyFans account incorporates a subscription price. Only “Free” OnlyFans accounts can price lock posts.

A good strategy is to make two OnlyFans accounts, a free account and a premium (paid) account. On the free account you post exclusive content but only share your best content through price locked posts. you’ll be able to also use your free page to push your premium page directly.

Go bear your subscribers

Set a date and time to travel support your subscribers. Once your live stream is over you’ll be able to upload it as a traditional video, this manner if a number of your fans missed your live stream they will catch up later.

Tip: you’ll be able to run polls asking your subscribers to vote on what they require to work out during a live stream, vote on any popular questions they need and on the simplest times to travel live.

Add to your story

Similar to Instagram and Facebook, OnlyFans incorporates a “story” feature, where you’ll upload photos or videos which are only visible for a specific amount of your time. you’ll also save stories as highlights on your profile.

Receive tips

Fans can send you tips directly through your posts, during a live stream and thru your messages. you’ll be able to also sell custom content reciprocally for tips from your fans.

Send messages

Speak with fans and other OnlyFans creators through the messages. you’ll also use the messages to send Pay Per View (PPV) content to your fans.

Setup your OnlyFans account

Go to the OnlyFans site and click on on “sign up for OnlyFans” at the underside otherwise you can join up using your Twitter account.

Add your email address and build a password, next add the display name you would like to use within the “name” field. Once you have got filled in your details, click on the tiny box to conform to the OnlyFans Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Edit your OnlyFans profile

The first thing you wish to try to to is ready a username and display name for your OnlyFans account:

Username = This name will appear in your URL and “@”. for instance my username is “homegrownincome” so my URL is and my “@” is “@homegrownincome”.

Display Name = this is often the name that shows up above your username on your feed and your profile, since this can be not a username you’ll add spaces and make it look more attractive, so in my case I put down “HomeGrown Income”.

Next you would like to feature a canopy image and a profile photo. the duvet image may be a large banner that appears behind your profile picture. Upload a canopy image that’s associated with the content that you simply will post on your feed, however detain mind that full nudity isn’t allowed in your banner or display picture.

Next upload a profile picture for your account. As you’ll see, the “Subscription Price ($/Per Month)” section is grayed out and can’t be accessed. this is often because you would like to feature a checking account to your OnlyFans account and make sure that you simply are over 18.

You can your personal details by clicking on “add a bank account” written in blue, I highlighted this within the image above. We are visiting undergo this process during a moment so you’ll be able to continue editing your profile for now.

Under the “Subscription Price” section you’ve got the “About” section. Here is where you’ll be able to add a bio for your fans to determine after they bump into your profile.

When fans view your profile your bio are hidden by the label “Show more info”, clicking on it label will reveal your bio and extra information including website links.

After clicking “Show more info” and revealing your bio, the tab changes to “Show less” if fans want to cover your bio again.

How are you able to Earn Money By Using OnlyFans?

There is no “secret method” in gaining money with OnlyFans. Creators have different models that worked for them, but not for you. It depends on how you would like to create money. For people who want to take advantage big, the tipping model is for you. except for people who prefer guaranteed monthly earnings, the subscription option is that the best.


Receiving tips is one amongst the simplest ways to earn money on this site. Fans can tip creators via paid private messages, during which a minimum amount of $3 for tipping is applied. Besides, creators can add a tipping choice to a post. This makes the content only available for people who paid to unlock access (maximum of $50 tips per post).

Lastly, fans can give tips in exchange for exclusive content. As long because the creator is comfortable making the fan’s request, the fan can expect the delivered content. the most tip a user can give is $200 while a brand new user is capped at $100.

Tips won’t come by as easier as you’re thinking that. If you’re attending to make OnlyFans your main income-generating gig, you would like more things to supply for your fans to earn regularly. during this case, the subscription model could be the correct one for your OnlyFans model.


The subscription works just like the membership scheme employed by YouTube and Patreon. Fans can only access a creator’s content if he or she could be a paid member. Usually, this model relies on monthly revenue from regular subscribers.

Even if you merely have 100 fans, as long as they’re regular, renewing subscribers, you usually get a gentle income. This model is ideal for creators who have a close-knit community willing to pay to look at content. For potential income using this model, you’ll be able to use the slider found on this site.

Selling Things that you just Own

Many creators, especially adult influencers, sell personal items that may be of interest to their fans. one among the foremost common items sold during this reasonably market is worn panties and outfits employed in a previous OnlyFans session. a decent strategy that a lot of creators do is making bundles and giving out deals to entice their regulars into buying their merch.

Referrals (Paused in 2020 because of Popularity)

If you don’t want to form content, you’ll still earn money by doing referrals. The referral system works by inviting a decent content creator to sign on together with your referral link. For the primary 12 months, you’ll be able to kick in 5% of your referred creators’ earnings. This offer is capped at the primary $1 million earned by your referred creator. Since you’re getting 5%, the utmost earnings you’ll be able to earn from one referral is $50,000.

But before you’ll be able to earn money, you wish to top off your banking information. you’ll be asked to refill typical banking forms and private information. If you’re comfortable therewith, you’ll send the shape for approval. OnlyFans staff will review your application and either approve or reject it if you’re not following the rule.

Helpful OnlyFans tips

Below are some useful tips to assist you build a profitable OnlyFans account.

Link a website name to your OnlyFans account

Buy a website name and have it redirect to your OnlyFans account so it’s easier to recollect. a website name or URL is solely an internet address that individuals use to access a site.

For example you may buy the name and make it redirect to, or buy the name and make it redirect to

Redirecting your name to your OnlyFans account is straightforward, you’ll be able to learn out a way to redirect your URL here.

Interact along with your fans

Have conversations with subscribers who reply to you, engaging with them may be a great way to indicate that you just care about your followers. Engaged fans are those who will continue paying your monthly membership.

Schedule your content

Create your content prior to and schedule it to seem soon your feed. This keeps your feed active, especially during times after you may well be too busy to feature new content. Scheduling content is additionally more efficient since you’ll be able to spend hours or days creating new content, then you’ll be able to schedule the identical content appear on your feed over a period of your time, sort of a week for instance.

Whilst your scheduled content is being posted to your feed, you’ll be able to use that free time to make new content to schedule, doing this can allow you to figure less whilst keeping your feed busy. you’ll be able to schedule photos, videos, audio and updates.

Be consistent

Post content regularly and talk together with your fans everyday. If you go a protracted time without posting content or interacting together with your fans they’re more likely to cancel their subscription. Update you feed a minimum of every 2 days, whether or not it’s just a photograph or status update. Show your followers that you simply are active, show that somebody who pays your monthly price is getting what they procured.

Be patient

Treat your OnlyFans account sort of a business, it’s not a get rich quick scheme and unless you have got a significant following it could take your time to induce things going.

Hook your subscribers

Put your subscribers within the habit of returning to your page by posting content regularly. this can be especially useful if you have got something you wish to sell in your messages. you’re more likely to sell something within the messages if you’ve got fans who regular check your page. Consistency is vital with any business you begin.

Create a custom welcome message

Send an automatic welcome message to each new fan who subscribes to your OnlyFans account. Before you’ll be able to try this you would like to activate the feature.


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