Make Money Online From Selling Clothes

make money online from selling clothes

What if I told you that you just could find $500 in your closet? or maybe $1,000? Yep! How many jumpers and shoes does one have that you simply not wear? Let me guess…plenty! How about finding them a brand new home and acquire some cash instead? If you’re willing to place in some work and sell your old clothes online, you’ll be sitting on a gold mine. It’s never been easier to sell anything, and everything and classy and trendy clothes are always in high demand. Selling secondhand clothes is one among my favorite ways to form money for several reasons:

 • Decluttering: with fewer clothes in your closet, your mornings are going to be less stressful. It’s your start to a more organized life!

 • Sustainability: during a society where most of the people throw away stuff that has been barely used, selling second-hand clothes can help to scale back waste

.• Extra money: if you’re trying to avoid wasting money for your next vacation or build an emergency fund, making some extra cash will facilitate your get there faster.


There are a large number of options when it involves selling used clothes. the most effective options can rely on a spread of things, but there are many sorts of garments in high demand. Figure out what you’ll be able to get ahold of, what you’re most inquisitive about, and what’s selling for the simplest prices. If you are doing this stuff and match old clothing to the proper potential buyer then you have got an opportunity to create some serious profit.

WHERE to urge USED DESIGNER CLOTHES? So, if I don’t have my very own used clothes to sell, where am i able to get designer clothes? There really are many places like flea markets, garage sales, Craigslist, or people or community sales. However, my main source was thrift stores. Second hand stores like Goodwill or Salvation Army are constantly getting a replacement supply of garments donated to them. you’ll often find name brand or designer labels on these racks. The great part is that these thrift stores aren’t in business of trying to appraise what everything is worth, they’re just trying to maneuver the merchandise as quickly as possible. As a result, they typically price everything right round the same. So, all mens shirt could be around $2 for instance. Or all women’s jeans can be around $4 to $5. it’ll vary from store to store, but everything is typically pretty cheap. Lots of brands of jeans for instance can sell for over $50 a bit on eBay while they’re used. However, its pretty rare to search out something of this value. However, having the ability to shop for a chunk of clothing for $5 and selling it for $15 to $20 is under no circumstances that unusual.

Top 4 sites that you simply can use to sell your clothing now!

 eBay Best for: It’s pretty good if you would like to sell clothes online across any category, but as eBay doesn’t have an authentication team, it’s safer to stay to street brands here, and use specialised platforms like Vestiaire for designer items. What’s the commission? you’ll throw away to twenty items free, at the moment it goes up to £0.35 per item. choosing a ‘buy it now’ listing rather than an auction also will cost a bit more. If you’re item sells, you’ll be charge 10% of the sale including postage. eBay charges you once a month so confirm you remember as if you sell loads in a very month it’ll likely sting a small amount.

Facebook Marketplace Best for: Local sales. It’s the same system to Preloved, a fast and straightforward thanks to get obviate unwanted clothes, though again you would possibly not make the foremost live of this one. This works really for things like clothing bundles. What’s the commission? There are not any listing or transaction fees

Etsy Best for: Vintage items. Etsy is great if you’re selling unique vintage pieces, and any that you’ve created yourself too.What’s the commission? You’ll be charged a 3.5% transaction fee and a third payment processing fee


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