6 Best Sites To Sell Photography Online

1. Adobe Stock 

Fantastic quality images 

Adobe Stock is from the creators of Lightroom and Photoshop. 

Let’s start with a comparatively new platform, Adobe Stock. This microstock website was initially released in 2015. 

As you’d expect from the creators of Lightroom and Photoshop, Adobe Stock only accepts fantastic quality photos. Subsequently, their content approval process will be picky occasionally. 

Adobe Stock integrates with photo apps like Lightroom, enabling photographers to submit images directly from their own photo editing software. 

As Adobe Stock could be a microstock site, the commission rates and photo sale prices are quite low. Expect to earn anything between $0.20 to $3.33 per image download. 

The benefit, however, to the low prices, is that image licensing terms are non-exclusive; therefore you’ll list your images elsewhere too. 

Important Features 

Licensing terms: Non-exclusive; 

Pay rate: From $0.2 to $3.33 per image download 

Approval process: Strict content approval process. 

VISIT https://stock.adobe.com

2. Shutterstock 

Largest microstock platform and customer base 

Shutter stock contains a quick 2-day approval rate. 

This is the location most photographers will have heard of. Shutterstock has the biggest customer base and is taken into account the most important micro stock platform today. 

Submission times are relatively quick; images generally take 2 days to be approved. 

The platform has recently had an overhaul too, which has improved the management and submission process. Images submitted are subject to non-exclusive licensing and might be used elsewhere. 

Shutterstock sells high-quality images at low prices; contributors earn on the average just $0.25 per image download. So don’t expect to earn enough to retire on using this platform to sell photos online. 

Important Features 

Licensing terms: Non-exclusive 

Pay rate: Average of $0.25 per image 

Approval process: Streamlined approval process that takes a median of two days to complete. 

VISIT https://www.shutterstock.com/

3. Alamy 

Sell photos online with flexible licensing options 

The Alamy stock photo website offers a number of the simplest commission rates within the industry. 

The third site on our list is Alamy; a superb macro stock photo website. 

It offers quality images at much higher prices than microstock sites like Shutterstock and iStockPhoto. 

Furthermore, commission rates are a number of the simplest within the industry at 50% for exclusive images, and 40% for non-exclusive images. We just like the fact the user can make a choice from the two options; giving greater flexibility. 

With over 100,000 customers looking for photos, the potential for earning is great. Moreover, the payment terms and account management are user-friendly. 

Important Features 

Licensing terms: Both exclusive and non-exclusive options available 

Pay rate: 50% for exclusive images, 40% for non-exclusive 

Approval process: Quick approval process with strict quality criteria. 

VISIT https://www.alamy.com/

4. iStock Photo 

High earning potential without the giving exclusive rights 

iStock Photo is a component of Getty Images. 

Did you recognize that iStock Photo is a component of Getty Images? it’s another large player within the stock image industry and boasts a lot of potential customers. 

The main benefit iStock offers over Getty Images, is that the lack of exclusivity; photographers can upload their images to iStock, and still sell them elsewhere. 

To make things even better, there’s an exclusivity option that gives higher earning potential. As iStock is classed as a microstock site, that the commission rate is lower–a flat rate of 15%. 

The overall earning potential isn’t as high as Getty, so think about employing iStock in conjunction with other non-exclusive stock sites. 

Important Features 

Licensing terms: Standard non-exclusive license 

Pay rate: 15% flat rate for non-exclusive photos 

Approval process: Each image must be approved supported set criteria 

VISIT https://www.istockphoto.com/

5. Getty Images 

The best option for professionals to sell photos online 

Getty Images has one among the simplest selling prices among sites to sell photos online. 

Often seen because the leader of stock photography, Getty Images boasts unbelievable quality images and has a powerful range of clients. 

You’ll often see Getty Images utilized in news articles. the simplest thing about them is that the photo sale price is astounding, even for tiny resolution images. So while the commission is barely 20%, you’ll still make a good amount. 

However, images are exclusive, so you can not sell images anywhere else if they need been uploaded to Getty Images. 

Another plus is that the approval process for photos is taken into account more lenient than another sites. They may, for instance, accept a photograph if it shows exceptional artistic qualities, whether or not a part of it’s out of focus. 

Important Features 

Licensing terms: All photos are exclusive to Getty 

Pay rate: 20% (on a high base figure) 

Approval process: Each image goes through an approval process 

VISIT https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/

6. 500px 

Photo community site may be a good way to sell and promote your work 

Images submitted to 500px also are distributed through Getty Images. 

The 500px website is both a photography community and a platform from which to sell photos. 

It features high-quality photos in an exceedingly range of various disciplines. Users can advertise their photography skills and promote their work to potential clients. 

Moreover, users can sell their images directly through licensing. There are not any submission fees, and also the commission is split between exclusive, and non-exclusive images. 

The rates are 60% for exclusive image rights, which is sort of attractive. Even the lower rate of 30% for non-exclusive photos is like other stock sites. 

The 500px community is prospering, and pictures submitted also are distributed through Getty Images. 

Important Features 

Licensing terms: Exclusive and non-exclusive 

Pay rate: 60% for exclusive, 30% for non-exclusive 

Approval process: Strict approval process–each photo must be reviewed and approved. 

VISIT https://500px.com/

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