how to make money from surveys uk 8 best websites

households are going to be searching for ways to bring more cash in, without leaving the house.  

One way people can try this is by participating in online surveys. There is an increasing number of internet sites that may pay money or rewards in gift vouchers in exchange for users answering questions on various topics.  

To help you boost your funds, this is often Money runs the rule over ten of the simplest survey websites out there, together with the live rates and the way to use them.  

Want to start right now? I like to recommend starting with i-Say here, LifePoints here, or Swagbucks here.  

YouGov: Those doing surveys on this internet-based firm based in Britain and set-up in 2000 can expect to receive £50 once they receive enough points – 5,000 to be exact.  

Each survey will award you a differing amount of points, counting on the length of the survey, with points usually starting from 50 to 150 per survey.  

Participants can often get an additional 10 points by giving their opinion on a range of various topics at the tip of the survey.  

Swagbucks: Users can earn cash directly from Swagbucks or earn gift cards for a variety of stores including Amazon, eBay, and Paypal.  

They will earn points for answering surveys, watching entertaining videos, and shopping online.  

When you reach a specific number of points, participants can redeem them at no cost gift cards to over 100 retailers.  

The disburse threshold will rely upon the kind of reward with users typically only allowed to try to do one poll every day.  


Top payer, £10 Amazon vchs/mth typical  

A must-join, i-Say (previously Ipsos) is perhaps the best-paying survey site. Its surveys are plentiful, and lots of folks rack up £10 or more of Amazon vouchers monthly.  

You earn points for taking surveys – between 5 and 250 points for every – which may then be redeemed for vouchers. It varies by retailer, but you wish 490 points to induce a £5 Amazon voucher, and most members average four surveys a month.  

Forumites report i-Say is refreshingly upfront about payment and survey length before you begin. It pays in retail vouchers, including John Lewis and “Compliments vouchers”, which may be used at a variety of street shops like Argos and Boots. Once your cash in, vouchers take two to 3 weeks to arrive.  


Toluna is one of all the primary survey companies I want to get paid to try and do surveys and remains one of my favorites. Among the simplest UK survey sites, they’re easy to use and consistently offer a number of the most effective online surveys for cash.  

They also offer product trials and a few focus group opportunities where you are doing paid reviews in the UK. Whilst they don’t always offer the most effective return on my time, they are doing always seems to own a survey looking ahead to me and a wonderful rewards system.  

In addition to the above, they even have one of the most effective paid survey apps UK offers, meaning convenient surveys on the go and extra cash in your pocket!  

Google Opinion Rewards: These are quicker surveys than other sites with users earning money they will redeem in Google Play for questions they answer.  

Users answer basic questions about themselves before being sent surveys around once every week, although it’s going to be more or less frequent.  

Participants will get a notification when a brief and relevant survey is prepared for them and may receive up to 60p in Google Play credit for completing it.  

Questions can range from, ‘which logo is best?’ and ‘which promotion is most compelling?’ to ‘when does one plan on traveling next?’  

Once you have got enough money to create an acquisition, you’ll use that to shop for an app or game within the Play store, for instance.  

NEW. Curious Cat  

Nifty app where you merely have to earn £1 before it pays  

Great for doing surveys on the go, Curious Cat may be a nifty free surveys app. you will need to download it via the Google Play or Itunes store.  

MoneySavers describe its surveys as “short and fun”. Plus you simply have to earn a super-low £1 before it pays out.  

Branded Surveys: The surveys on this site are provided by research clients on behalf of Fortune 500 companies.  

As these companies rely on feedback, verification of a participant’s account and honest answers is essential, in step with Branded Surveys.  

Upon submission of a survey, answers are sent on to the research clients. The client reviews a user’s input and points are posted as approved.  

Once users earn 1,000 points – akin to £10 – they will choose how they need to live and collect their earnings.  

This is either through cash or main street vouchers.  

Opinion Outpost  

If you’re trying to find the most effective online survey sites UK offers, you’ll want to understand which internet sites pay instantly.  

Among the foremost lucrative survey sites to induce paid to try and do surveys in the UK, Opinion Outpost is one among the simplest online survey sites for cash, paying through PayPal instantly (usually within 15 minutes).  

Opinion Outposts’ cash for surveys UK is reliable but with some users reporting more success than others, counting on demographics.  

They even have a variety of other ways you’ll get paid to try and do surveys. They’re my top pick for the most effective survey sites that pay. 

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